DJ Peat Donation to the Chapman House!

Our Donation to the Chapman House Hospice
DJ Peat Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. is proud to announce its generous donation to the new Chapman House hospice, located in Owen Sound – which is set to open this spring. We have donated a Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter that is located in the lobby area of the new hospice building. At 27′ high and 6.5′ wide, the living wall will be an incredible focal point for visitors, patients and staff. The value of this living wall biofilter is $52,000.
We have also made a substantial contribution in roofing services for the new hospice building.

About the new Chapman House Hospice

Construction on Chapman House began in the spring of 2016 and will replace the temporary Hospice space that provides care to about 300 residents of Grey and Bruce counties. The permanent, free-standing residential hospice will be able to serve even more patients and families.

You can still make a donation to help them reach their fundraising goal!

About Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters

Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters are unique in the world. These remarkable biofilters use nature’s processes to ‘consume’ pollutants, thereby cleaning indoor air. When integrated into air handling systems, Nedlaw biofilters can provide fresh air to a building at 90% less cost than traditional HVAC systems for significant energy savings.

Here are a few images: